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Social Security Disability Lawyer in Chambersburg, PA

Does your family depend on your income? Have you been injured or developed a disabling physical
or mental health condition? You could qualify for Social Security disability benefits if your medical condition is expected to keep you from working for a year or more. To discuss a Social Security disability claim, call Shoap Law Offices' attorneys and legal team based out of Chambersburg, PA. Our experienced lawyers will guide you through the complex legal process and protect your rights. Unlike some law offices that use non-attorneys to represent Social Security clients, you can be assured that a licensed attorney will represent you at our office.

Understand the System

To obtain Social Security disability benefits, you have to prove your case's validity. This process involves substantial work to properly develop your medical claim in a way that will best assure that the claim is ultimately granted. If you suffer from a physical handicap or medical condition, the stress of your situation may make it difficult for you to develop your claim properly on your own. Our professional staff strives to help relieve that stress for you.

When you retain a lawyer at Shoap Law Offices, we will explain the intricacies of the system and help present your case in a favorable light. Our legal team features experts who have dealt with disability claims for many years. We will explain the legal procedure, including the hearing process and the likely time it will take for Social Security to process your claim.

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We want to ensure that you receive the best legal help possible, so we offer you a free consultation with one of our attorneys before you retain us. To schedule your free consultation in our Chambersburg, PA office, call 717-261-1345, or fill out our online contact form. Get in touch with us today, and let us begin the process of helping you present the best claim possible.